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Ways To Find Affordable Homes In Old Naples Florida

The city of Naples in Florida is a very affluent area of the state. People that live there are typically very well off, capable of affording the million-dollar homes that are throughout the area. One of the more popular locations is what is called Old Naples real estate, a place that has a wide variety of mansions, as well as beautiful beach cottages, surrounded by banyan and coconut trees. It is pristine real estate, connecting people directly to the ocean, and it is because of this that the real estate prices can be quite high. If you are looking for a home in this area, perhaps to retire, it is still possible to find affordable homes in old Naples Florida.

Why Would You Want To Live Here?

There are many reasons that people gravitate toward this section of Naples. It is very quiet, but still close enough to the modern section so that you can enjoy all that it has to offer. It is perfect for people that want to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the modern section of the city, yet still have a beautiful piece of property to live on. The dining and restaurant options are also amazing.People that retire that have the money to do so love this area, and there are times when you can get exceptional deals on homes that are being sold. You do have to do a little legwork which means you will have to talk with real estate agents, or perhaps even look for owners that are marketing their products either by word-of-mouth or through the classifieds.

How To Find Great Deals In Old Naples

What most people discover when they come to this area of the city is that they want to have a home here. Part of the allure is that there are many sizable mansions, some that are larger than entire buildings that may have multiple condominiums. To get great deals, you have to literally be at the right place at the right time, or work with a realtor that can put you in contact with people that really want to sell. If a person is motivated to leave the area because they are moving soon, and need to have the cash for that home, they will likely work a deal with buyers that can come up with what may be very close to their asking price.

Other Options For Finding Affordable Homes In The Area

Some of the other options that people have been able to use our lease to buy options. This is perfect for someone that might want to just try the area out for several months to see if they like it, but they don’t want to commit to the full price. An example of this would be a mansion that is priced at $5 million, and you would simply make the monthly payments. If you do decide to buy, then you have the option of applying some of that money that you have already paid to the owner toward either your down payment, or taking that off of the total purchase price.

Old Naples is a beautiful section of Naples that has so much to offer. You can sometimes get several hundred thousand dollars off of a home, depending upon the motivation of the seller. By getting your name out there, and really pursuing the idea of living in this section of the city, you will likely find someone that will be willing to work with you on purchasing their home for a price that you can afford.